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CrossFit Open Promotion

The CrossFit Open is here! While it is a fun and challenging competition, the workouts can take a toll on your body. Let CORE Performance & Wellness help you recover and perform your best this Open season! Athletes that are registered for the Open receive $15 off athlete recovery sessions. 


During your appointment our certified Athletic Trainer performs soft tissue manual therapy, which can include scraping, cupping, trigger point release, and other modalities. These sessions address sore, achy, and fatigued muscle tissue and help speed the recovery process, getting you ready for that next WOD.

45 minute athlete recovery* - $45 (normally $60)

30 minute athlete recovery - $30 (normally $45)

Promotional prices begin Thursday, February 23rd and go through Monday, March 27th

* Proof of CrossFit Open registration must be shown in order to qualify for promotion (show printed or email confirmation when you arrive).

* We suggest starting with a 45 minute session to allow time for our athletic trainer to talk with you, go over your goals, and develop a proper treatment protocol for you.

Call or email us today to set up your athlete recovery session!

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