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Exercise Performance

What does it mean to train smarter?

Exercise performance testing provides detailed and accurate information about your overall fitness level. With this data, a specific training program is developed to fit you and your goals. Whether your goal is to PR your marathon time or get into shape, exercise performance testing provides you with the proper information and tools to reach your goals. 


Discover your fitness level 

tRACK PROGRESS AND and make data-driven adjustments to your program


What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max= the maximum amount (volume) of oxygen your body can use for energy needs. It is a great indicator of cardiovascular health, overall fitness capacity and exercise performance. 

Low aerobic fitness levels are correlated to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Increased aerobic fitness improves quality of life, mood, and even sleep quality, along with lowering risk for heart and metabolic disease. 

How is it performed?

The VO2 Max test is a graded exercise test, which means the intensity gradually increases over time. It is performed on either a treadmill or bicycle. The test can take anywhere from 7-15 minutes, depending on your level of fitness. A mask and heart rate monitor are worn, allowing for gas exchange to occur and heart rate to be recorded. The test continues until the participant feels that they can no longer sustain the exercise.

Why is it important?

Many people are inefficient with their exercise and training. Understanding heart rate, exercise intensity, and exercise duration can help reach specific goals for fat burning, endurance training, or cardiovascular conditioning. A VO2 max test will:

  • Evaluate your overall fitness level

  • Develop a plan to improve fitness and track progress

  • Find your target workout zones to maximize training and improve health markers

Who is it for?

VO2 Max is for any individual looking to improve overall health and fitness.Whether you are just starting out with exercise or are fine tuning your aerobic and anaerobic capacity as an athlete, a VO2 can help you train smarter and keep you on track toward your goal.  For those individuals who already have a good cardio-respiratory base, the test will provide training zones to maximize your training even further. For those who are unconditioned, the VO2 provides detailed information on how to form an exercise plan to maximize fat loss and increase overall aerobic capacity.

How do I prepare for a VO2 Max?

  • Arrive wearing loose fitting clothing.

  • Refrain from eating or drinking for 4 hours before your test.

  • Avoid any stimulants, including caffeine, before your test.

  • Keep from exercising on the same day as your test, as this could lead to less accurate measurements.

  • Try to get sleep well the night before and inform us if you are suffering from any acute respiratory infection or related condition.

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functional movement screen

The goal of Functional Movement Screens, or FMS, is to evaluate and discover movement dysfunction that could lead to injury or limit sport performance. Through the screen, we identify limiting factors in movement patterns.


FMS is used to help you move better and prevent injury. If movement dysfunction is found, we then work to correct those patterns, establishing proper mobility, flexibility, and stability.

With FMS you lay the groundwork for more efficient movement, which can lead to better sport performance and less incidence of injury. 

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VO2 Max Test
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