Nutrition Coaching

We believe nutrition is fundamental to health and wellness. Many chronic conditions are the product of a poor diet. Regardless of your exercise program, without the proper diet, it will be difficult to reach your goals. We want to provide you with the knowledge necessary to see results!
 We offer several types of nutrition packages that can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you want to get on the right track or are looking for the extra edge in your performance, nutrition coaching at CORE is here to help make healthy nutrition habits both enjoyable and sustainable.  

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Meet with our certified nutrition coach for an initial 60-minute nutrition consultation. Your first visit includes an assessment of current nutrition, discussion of goals, general nutrition education, and action points to help you on your way towards a well-rounded diet. 


Follow-up Nutrition Consultation

Continue working towards your nutrition goals during a 30-minute follow-up session. In this visit you will discuss stated goals and habits, assess progress, identify challenges or hang-ups, and make changes if needed. 


Testing options

We offer testing options that provide greater insight into your physiology and body composition. DEXA body composition scans identify your body fat percentage, type of body fat, muscle mass, and more. Resting metabolic rate analysis determines your specific and unique caloric needs. 

These can be added to a nutrition consultation or package at discounted rate:

DEXA: $80, RMR: $65

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Nutrition Coaching Packages


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