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Why Lifestyle Medicine?

We talk a lot about wellness (big surprise right?). You may wonder why we use that word and what we mean by it. We believe that everyone can live well - that is a healthy and active life not limited by common, and often preventable, ailments. So how does the concept of wellness tie in to lifestyle medicine?

Chronic disease, fatigue, and gastrointestinal issues are just some of the many health conditions prevalent in today’s society. The result is a population that relies heavily on medication for management of symptoms, which often just cover up the real issue. Lifestyle medicine is different. Rather than treating the symptoms of chronic conditions, it seeks to both treat the cause and prevent future disease.

"Lifestyle Medicine involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle, such as a predominately whole food, plant-based diet, exercise, stress management, tobacco and alcohol cessation, and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat, and, more importantly, reverse the lifestyle-related, chronic disease that's all too prevalent." American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Why lifestyle medicine? Because many chronic conditions can be prevented and treated using natural (and more cost-effective) means.

Learn how a diet high in nutrient-rich foods and low in processed, sugary foods can improve energy levels, reduce headaches, and improve sleep. Discover how stress management can positively affect hormones. Find out how to reduce chronic inflammation in your body.

Simple changes in daily habits can pay dividends in you and your family’s long-term health.

At CORE Performance & Wellness, lifestyle medicine is at the center of what we do. Laura Marsh, M.D. meets with you and performs a thorough evaluation of your health and wellness status. During your time together, you will dive deep into lifestyle habits, identify risk factors and learn how to improve overall health.

What type of person benefits from a wellness consultation? Anyone who wants to feel better daily and live with more energy! Males and females, teens and grandparents -- learning how to adopt and practice healthy habits benefits everyone!

Why should you try lifestyle medicine? Because it not only addresses your current health but lays the foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

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