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What Influences Wellness?

November 20, 2017

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June 21, 2017


Happy Wellness Wednesday! 


Each Wednesday we will dive into the world of wellness, all in hopes that it teaches and inspires you towards a healthy, functional life. 


I've also noticed I'm very much a learner. I love to read, learn, and share that information with others. So definitely be on the lookout for PLENTY of articles and videos. Maybe some gifs... who knows...


Without further ado, lets get to today's Wellness Wednesday topic!





Bet you didn't expect that one! You probably expected to see nutrition, exercise, sleep, avoiding processed foods, managing stress... Nope. Not yet. Those will come later!


Why habits?


Developing healthy habits is key to long term success. I can give you a list of things that will help your sleep better, workouts to follow, stress management techniques, etc.. We're really good at following these types of plans for a short amount of time. Long term... that's a different story. Before we dive into those, we must learn how to choose and create habits. 


 "I want to lose 10 lbs", "I want to finish a Tough Mudder", "I want to be less stressed". Those are all great goals, but how exactly do you get there? 


If we are honest with ourselves, we all have habits that currently make it difficult to achieve our goals. And if were more honest with ourselves, we have tried a complete 180 only to fall back into our old routines. Habits are hard to develop and even harder to break. 


So how can we work on developing habits that will move us in the direction of our goals? 


By choosing and working on one habit at time! (2 if you're really disciplined) 


One habit is attainable. Its not a complete overhaul of your current routine. One habit is measurable. You can easily check it off the list if you accomplish it each day. And once you establish a habit, you can then