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DEXA, or Duel-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, measures both bone mineral density (BMD) and body composition (fat and lean mass %).

It is considered the gold standard for body composition measurements.  


Body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density.


See exactly where you carry fat and muscle

Identify long-term health risks


Implement an individualized  program to help maximize your weight management and fitness goals

Stay proactive about long-term health and wellness


Track fat loss and muscle gain progress in specific areas of the body.


Attain peak performance by monitoring body's response to a training program

Visceral Adipose Tissue

Visceral adipose tissue

What is VAT?

The DEXA scan can identify if there are any existing health risks within an individual. One specific measurement obtained is Visceral Adipose Tissue, or VAT. Visceral fat is the deep fat that sits around the organs and underneath the subcutaneous tissue.


Why is it important?

This type of fat is associated with and can be a predictor of metabolic diseases. It is important to know your VAT number in order to track potential health risks and prevent with lifestyle changes, including nutrition and exercise. 


How long is a DEXA scan?

An entire DEXA appointment takes about 20 minutes, with the scan itself lasting 6-12 minutes. The remainder of the time is spent discussing your results. 

How should I prepare for my DEXA appointment?

Wear or bring loose-fitted clothing with no metal attached (zippers, buttons, etc.). Once you arrive, you will complete a consent form to screen for any contraindications to the scan. There is no fasting required, nor do you have to avoid exercise prior to the scan. However, if the scan is repeated at a later date, its best to perform the scan under the same conditions as the baseline.

Are there any contraindications to the scan?

If you are pregnant, or suspect that you may be, we strongly advise against a scan, due to radiation exposure. Average radiation used during a scan is 0.4 microsieverts, less than what you experience on a cross country flight. Although it is very low, we still do not scan pregnant women for this reason.


What is the maximum weight limit for a DEXA scan?

Our scanner can support individuals up to 350 lbs.  

How often should I do a DEXA scan?

If you are just beginning a specific fitness and/or nutrition program, its beneficial to do one at the beginning and end of the program or 1-2 months after the baseline test. The DEXA provides extremely accurate and reliable data that allows you to track progress and measure the impact and efficacy of a fitness/nutrition plan. 


If you are on a steady and consistent program, consider scanning once every 4-6 months, or if you feel that you have plateaued. 

Do I need an appointment for a DEXA scan?

Yes, DEXA scans are by appointment. Call or email us today to make your DEXA appointment!

What does it cost?

  • Single DEXA scan: $100

  • Before & After DEXA Package (2 scans): $175

  • * Inquire about packaged and student pricing

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