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CoolSculpting on The TODAY Show

Ever wonder just how CoolSculpting works? It can seem a bit too good to be true. Trust us, it really works!

And it is founded on a completely natural process! Years ago, some Harvard physicians began to notice that children were developing dimples in their cheeks after frequently sucking on popsicles. From there they learned that the kids were loosing fat in the cheeks, causing the new dimples! Crazy!

Another study found that female equestrian riders had noticeably less fat in their inner thighs after prolonged time riding in the winter.

Fast forward several years to the modern CoolSculpting treatment we have today! Speaking of today... (yes that was a cheesy segue) CoolSculpting was featured on The TODAY show this week! The procedure is outlined in detail and frequently asked questions are addressed in the video below.

Dont miss the Cool Down with Cool Sculpting offer! Only one more week to save big on your treatments. Call or email to set up your FREE consultation!!

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