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Supplements & Nutrient Testing

Ever walked into GNC or the supplement aisle in the grocery store and feel overwhelmed by the amount of options? Its ok, we have too. Do I really need a multi-vitamin? What about whey protein? Does what I take even get absorbed? What on earth is beta-alanine?

These are all great and valid questions. With loose FDA regulations and a billion companies (yes a billion) its hard to know what is good, what is clean, and what you actually need.

What you put in your body matters.

Hopefully that isn't news to you. Our goal is to use and recommend the best possible supplements, which is why we use Thorne Research. Thorne is one of the best in the industry for clean, third-party tested products. As a company, they are super transparent and honest about their manufacturing process. What they say on the label is what is in their products.

Thorne products

What if i just eat a bunch of fruit and vegetables? Will I still need to take supplements? Even if you consume a lot of nutrient dense food, you still might not be getting enough vitamins and minerals, due to modern agriculture and manufacturing processes.

Take a look at the photo below to see why supplements are an important part of the diet:

supplements matter

Our top reasons for Thorne products:

  • They are open, honest, and transparent about their production, manufacturing, and encapsulation. What you see on the label is what you get.

  • NSF certified. Their supplements are approved for sports, which means they are free of banned-supplements. No guess work needed!

  • They work! Many studies show that their products actually get absorbed. No more spending an arm and a leg for minimal absorption!

Supplementing with QUALITY products can be extremely beneficial. They can ensure consumption of important vitamins and minerals, improve health and wellness, and enhance sports performance and recovery.

Some of our favorite products include:

Before you jump right in and start taking all the supplements, first find out what you need! There are a few we recommend pretty much across the board. Outside of those, we suggest finding out if you have any specific deficiencies and then supplementing based off your needs. How do you determine your deficiencies? We have a test for that!

Spectracell Micronutrient test is a phenomenal way to learn exactly what you are lacking nutrient-wise. A detailed report shows if you are normal, borderline, or deficient for over 30 different vitamins & minerals. From here, we can suggest supplements to address your specific needs (not just what the guy behind the counter tells you ).

Next time you come in, ask about Thorne products, Micronutrient testing, and what supplement protocol is best for you!

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